List 100

I’m being inspired from this list.

to be updated… Please let me know if you have any recommendation. Thank you.

  1. Visit Antarctica
  2. Visit Africa
  3. See Nothern Light from my bare eyes
  4. Understand how Math system works.
  5. Have a breakthru paper in Maths
  6. Understand Time and Physics
  7. Travel to 100+ countries (20%)
  8. Ride a camel in Sahara
  9. Get married to someone I love
  10. Read 100 true books
  11. Get to space
  12. Ride a helicopter
  13. Join some Fireworks festival
  14. Learn and drive an FPV drone
  15. Learn skiing and go skiing (partly done)
  16. Learn surfing
  17. Learn driving a car (done)
  18. Learn driving a scooter motorbike(done)
  19. Visit a castle
  20. Yi Peng in Chiangmai
  21. Morning in Tuscany
  22. Visit Iceland in Winter (done)
  23. Visit Iceland in Summer, ring road
  24. Visit Banff (done)
  25. Visit New Zealand
  26. Watch 500+ movies and TV shows
  27. Fall in love
  28. Have $1M in assets
  29. Have $10M in assets
  30. Hit weekly best seller of WP themes once
  31. Build 100 habits
  32. Zero Gravity
  33. Learn Free Diving or Scuba Diving
  34. Live in another country for 1 year
  35. Live on an island for a month
  36. Have a private jet???
  37. Ride a self-driving car
  38. Visit Hawaii
  39. Visit Silicon Valley (done, but I wish to revisit)
  40. Visit New York for at least half a month
  41. Find something meaningful to me to do volunteer
  42. Spend half a month each year to learn anything I want
  43. Understand how consciousness works
  44. Understand Godel theorems
  45. Understand Continuum hypothesis independence
  46. Submarine Adventure
  47. Make my own manga/comic
  48. Have friends from different fields
  49. Have a sellable painting
  50. Master certain musical instrument
  51. area 51. Undertand current Aliens status
  52. Understand how randomness forms existence
  53. Visit 100 food shops > 20 years old Hanoi
  54. xuyên Việt
  55. Trolltunga – Lưỡi quỷ in vietnamese (in fact I almost had a chance to trek Trolltunga several years ago but I was in Norway in the winter hence didn’t have enough daylight and I don’t think hiking 28km with insufficient daylight is a good idea, yes can’t camp there)
  56. Understand Complexity Theory
  57. Understand Langlands Program