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My First ChatGPT use

I’m trying to test it in a normal way, ie. I’d use it unconsciously and pretend that it’s not something new. In other words, I’m not trying to try it but rather trying to use it.

It really helps. I’m an SVG novice. I know it’s something but have zero idea how to write a small snippet for this purpose. Normally I’d search Google for “draw a line in svg to joint 2 points” and visit the first promising web page (Stackoverflow for instance) but now I copy entire snippet from ChatGPT into my editor and it did the trick.


Also, I wonder if we could optimize (if the word makes sense in this case) the suggestion result such that our brand appears at the very top? Like I wonder what’s the best magazine wordrpess theme to use when I need to build a magazine website, I’d ask ChatGPT. Here’s the result:

How to make The Fox theme to appear in this list? Or ChatGPT will integrate very soon an ads model? Google Adwords was born October 2000 – 2 years since Google launched.

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